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  • Infrastructure

    For you
    Maximum greenery, nature and clean air.
    Your yard is a large pedestrian park with children’s, sports and playgrounds.
    The complex territory is restricted for non-residents: only residents with special keys have free access to the territory and houses. Surveillance by security patrols around the perimeter and inside the complex. Inner territory is car-free, comfortable for family recreation.
    Storage areas for bicycles and strollers as well as pantries.
    Running and cycling tracks, sports grounds with training equipment and themed playgrounds Lounge zones, gazebos, alleyways with seating areas, art objects, BBQ areas and quiet places for moms with babies.
    Multifunctional infrastructure within the complex:
    Large supermarket and different stores and outlets.
    Sports club with a swimming pool
    New large hospital with professional, advanced and quality service.
    Full range of service providers: banks, post offices, beauty salons, pharmacies, etc.
    Recreation and entertainment centres, cafes, restaurants.
    For your children
    7 kindergartens near your home
    New modern secondary school
    Child development centres, sports, creative and scientific classes
    Child’s health care centres, baby swimming pool from 0 years old.
    Modern equipped safe playgrounds aimed at different age groups. Streaming video from each playground.
    For your pets
    Spacious playgrounds equipped with special training equipment.
    Veterinary pharmacy and hospital.
    For cars
    Renovated road interchange with convenient access and exit from the complex territory.
    Multi-level underground and guest parking with the possibility of charging electric car directly on a parking lot.
    Possibility to equip a socket for electric cars on the parking lot.
    Quick access to the downtown and key highways in all directions.