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  • Dynamics of construction in October 2021

    First turn
    Buildings №1, 2 and 3 were put into operation.

    Another rug
    4 house
    Facade works are almost completed.
    Regarding internal works:
    Plastering works and screed installation at the level of the 20th floor continue.
    Installation of water supply and sewerage systems, as well as heating and ventilation is carried out at the level of the 16th floor.
    Power supply - at the stage of 30% readiness.
    80% readiness - roof installation.
    But 50% of the elevator installation work has already been completed.

    5th house
    Work on the installation of walls and partitions is actively underway.
    At 100% readiness - walls up to the 22nd floor and partitions at the level of the 12th floor (+3 floors per month).

    6th house
    Facade works, installation of windows and roofs are almost completed.

    The works are being carried out very actively - the builders have already started work on the houses of the 3rd turn.

    Third turn
    House №7
    Work on the installation of a reinforced concrete frame continues.
    The grille is 100% ready and the basement is 50% complete.

    House №8
    The installation of the frame continues - the ready grille, basement and frame of 1-5 floors.

    4th turn
    At 100% readiness - the pit of the house №9 and №10.
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