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    • Різдвяна знижка від ЖК Svitlo Park!
      Купуй квартиру до 31 січня 2021 року та отримуй знижку до 100 000 грн.
      Кількість акційних квартир обмежена!

      Отримайте консультацію за телефоном або завітайте до нашого відділу продажів в зручний для Вас час!
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    • Ми відкрились у ТРЦ River Mall
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    • #Будуємо щодня!
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    Video consultation in Zoom

    Dear Customers!

    We care about your safety, so we offer you a new format of consultation - video consultation in Zoom. You can stay in home and have a consultation manager.

    We ask you to stay home!
    But if you want to have a consultation in real life or buy an apartment, we have provided an opportunity to meet with the manager in the sales department by appointment.
    The sales department has protective equipment - disposable masks, disinfectants and temperature measuring device.
    In addition, several times a day, wet cleaning is performed with the use of disinfectants, constantly wiping tables and door handles.
    We also measure the temperature of each employee twice a day.

    The sales department works in regular mode from 09.00 to 19.00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekends.

    We emphasize that construction work is ongoing.
    Head office staff transferred to teleworking. All technical and coordination issues are handled quickly and efficiently with the help of modern management systems.

    Installation instructions for Zoom:
    1. Download the application at https://zoom.us/download.
    2. Set it up in a few minutes (the manager will help).
    3. Get a comprehensive consultation wherever you are and wherever you are quarantined ...

    The world is changing and we are with it!
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