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    Overview of SVITLO_floor

    We are pleased to present an overview of the decoration of our typical floor in the house №1. https://youtu.be/BianyDRluWo The decoration concept prepared the design of the AVG design office for us. The design of the cold really realized in its business class - never in a jacket compared to standard corridors in ordinary homes! Just imagine how you will enter the design hall. More about floor decoration. On the floor - light white tiles. Plinth - from a tile of black color. The walls are decorated with decorative plaster. Colored stripes near the door - also decorative acrylic plaster. Colors used: blue, green, coral, orange. Slabs and communications are covered with dark matte paint. Panels on the ceiling - metal, painted under natural oak, fixed on metal rails. Lighting - pendant LED lamps, as well as spot recessed LED lamps - a stylish and concise solution. Evacuation doors are metal, with a powder covering that provides high quality of drawing paint. And the front door is metal, with MDF overlays, which are harmoniously combined with the suspended panels on the ceiling. Our whole team is convinced that the way home should bring aesthetic pleasure. We work to make every entrance and exit from the apartment pleasant and comfortable for you. Our managers will be happy to help you choose your ideal apartment. Hurry, because there are not enough apartments left, and the settlement is already this year.
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