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  • Dynamics of construction in June 2021

    Hello friends We are pleased to present our June video report from the construction https://svitlopark.ua/about/construction/ FIRST TURN Put into operation and we continue to issue keys to our investors SECOND LINE House №4 Monolithic works and sewerage installation are 100% completed. Work on the construction of walls has been completed and the arrangement of apartment partitions is in full swing. 95% of the installation of windows is completed. In the process - laying the water supply, where the readiness is 70%. But the work on finishing the facade continues. House №5 Our builders have almost completed the installation of a monolithic frame - 24 floors are ready and the construction of 25 floors has been completed by 50%. The waterproofing works have been completed. Work on the installation of walls and partitions continues. House №6 The monolithic frame of the 6th house is ready. Waterproofing works have been completed. The builders have completed work on the walls. However, work is underway on the construction of apartment partitions. 25% of the windows in the house have already been installed. Parking The installation of a ramp for section №1 has been completed. At the final stage - the construction of vertical structures of the parking lot and the power plate. Work is underway on the construction of the floor slab. And soon enough parking spaces will be available for purchase! THIRD LINE House №7. The piles are being installed at a dynamic pace. 162 piles have already been installed. In the house №8 the testing of pile bushes has been completed and we are starting work on the installation of piles.
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