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    Bright winter greetings, friends!
    Meet the latest video report from the construction site https://svitlopark.ua/about/construction/.
    In our report, Denis will show what the 4th and 5th houses look like from the inside, go down to the parking lot and walk around the playground.
    And, of course, will tell in detail about the status of construction.

    First turn

    All works in houses №1, №2 and №3 are performed 100%, the necessary communications are connected.

    Another rug

    4th house
    In October, the construction of the monolithic frame was completed.
    Work on the arrangement of the walls continues at a rapid pace. Currently, the walls of the 2nd-18th floors are already 80% ready (4 floors per month have been arranged).
    Also 100% completed waterproofing works.

    5th house
    The installation of a monolithic frame of 1-8 floors has been completed.
    85% of the 9th floor monolith is ready.
    Readiness of waterproofing in the house - 70%.

    6th house:
    The monolithic frame of the basement and 1-14 floors is 100% completed.
    And 70% ready frame of 15-20 floors.
    Waterproofing works have been completed.
    And on 80% of readiness - works on a laying of walls of 2-8 floors.

    Work on the construction of the parking lot is being carried out at an active pace:
    Arranged 850 piles.
    Installation of grilles is completed by 85%.
    70% readiness - erection of vertical parking structures.
    The next step is to install a power plate, where the works are at the stage of 10% readiness.

    Third turn
    House №7
    The excavation work has been completed.
    Work on the installation of test pile bushes has also been finalized.

    House №8
    There is a pit and test piles of piles.
    The test of piles is 100% completed.
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