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  • Dynamics of construction in April 2021

    Friends, meet our bright video report for April! https://svitlopark.ua/about/construction/ Together with Denis we will walk through the territory of the first turn, walk through the parking lot and enter the sixth house. Enjoy! First turn Houses №1, №2 and №3 were put into operation. We are completing landscaping work near the 1st stage. A footpath to the metro is also ready. Second turn House №4 In April, our builders completely completed the installation of the walls. Very soon we will move on to the installation of windows and exterior decoration of the facade. In the active stage - the installation of partitions. The works are carried out at the level of the 17th floor. The builders have completely completed the installation of ventilation ducts on the roof. On works on the device of the sewerage of 2-8 floors and a water supply system we report readiness in 50%. House №5 The work is going very fast. We report on 100% readiness of works on the device of a monolithic framework of 1-21 floors. Currently, the construction team continues to work on the walls and partitions. House №6. Work on the installation of a monolithic frame is completed! Work is underway to arrange the walls at the level of the 18th floor. Builders are actively working on the construction of partitions. Currently, the readiness is at the level of the 11th floor. Underground parking The general contractor's team is working on the installation of vertical structures of the parking lot and the power plate. Work on the installation of the floor slab has also started. Third turn In houses №7 and №8 the pit is ready and the pile testing is completed.
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