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    Friends, meet the latest Svitlo’s report https://svitlopark.ua/about/construction/ In the new video report, Denis personally inspected the readiness of the first stage. There is also interesting news about parking, the second and third stages of construction. First turn Construction work in buildings №1, №2 and №3 has been completed. Another rug House №4 Last month, the construction of the monolithic frame was completed. Work on the arrangement of the walls continues. Currently, the walls of the 2nd-14th floors are 80% ready. House №5 100% finished work with: Arrangement of the basement and monolithic frame of 1-5 floors (+3 floors per month). House №6: 95% ready - monolithic basement frame and 1-17 floors (+3 floors per month) 80% of the walls of the 2-7th floors have been completed. Third turn House №7 At the stage of 100% readiness to work on the installation of the pit. At 40% readiness - the arrangement of pile bushes. House №8 100% ready pit. Parking The installation of piles is completed. 75% readiness - grille installation. 50% readiness - installation of vertical structures.
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