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  • Dynamics of construction as of August 2021

    Friends, we present a report from the construction site

    In the video we:
    We will take a tour of our incredible park-yard
    Let's tell the cool news about the 1st stage of construction
    We will show new facades of the second turn
    Let's estimate the speed of construction of the third stage and parking.

    So make your favorite drink - and enjoy watching!



    The houses have been put into operation, investors are carrying out repair work in their homes. And the most agile - already live here.

    Cool news - we announce the start of sales of apartments with ready repairs!

    House №4
    Work on the construction of walls and partitions has been completed.
    The installation of windows is almost completed.
    Readiness of works on arrangement of a facade - 80%.
    The situation with internal works is as follows:
    Internal plastering works at the level of the 16th floor continue.
    The floor screed is ready to the 15th floor.
    Works on the arrangement of communications - heating, water supply, ventilation, sewerage and power supply - are being carried out at an active pace.

    5th house
    Here the walls and inter-apartment partitions at the level of the 15th floor are very actively arranged.

    6th house
    The builders have almost completed the installation of partitions - now they work at the level of the 23rd floor.
    Also at the final stage of installing windows.
    Works on warming and plastering of a facade, and also the device of a water supply system are carried out.

    Works on erection of vertical structures of the parking lot and installation of a power plate are being completed.
    1/3 of the floor slab is ready.

    House №7.
    375 piles have already been installed here.
    Work has begun on the installation of a reinforced concrete frame.

    House №8
    272 piles were installed.
    The work on the installation of the grille has been completed.

    We remind you that apartments 7 and 8 are already selling apartments. Hurry up to choose your perfect plan!
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