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    Friends, meet the first video report from the construction site in 2021 https://svitlopark.ua/about/construction/
    Our bright Svitlo Park has become even more beautiful against the backdrop of winter landscapes!
    And our builders are actively working, despite the cold weather.
    So turn on the video and find out all the interesting news now!

    More about the status of construction works:

    First turn
    Erection of buildings as well as internal and external works are completed, all communications are connected.
    Documents were submitted to the DABI for the commissioning of the first stage of construction. We expect to receive a certificate in the near future and start handing over the keys to investors.

    Another rug
    4th house
    The works are being carried out at a very active pace.
    The construction of the monolithic frame has been completed.
    Work continues on the installation of walls 2-18 floors.
    Works on the installation of basement and 2-8 floor partitions have been completed.
    100% readiness for waterproofing works.
    Sewerage installation is 50% complete.

    5th house
    The installation of a monolithic frame of 1-11 floors has been completed.
    At 100% readiness - waterproofing work.

    6th house:
    Monolithic works are being carried out at an active pace:
    - 100% ready monolithic frame 0-14 floors
    - at the stage of 70% readiness - monolith 15-20 floors
    - 21-23 floor - monolith readiness 50%
    Waterproofing works have been completed.
    Works on arrangement of walls are conducted:
    - we report on 100% readiness of walls of 2-3 floors
    - 80% of the work on the 4th-8th floor has been completed
    - 50% of the walls of the 9th floor are ready.

    Work on construction of the parking lot continues:
    Arranged grilles.
    At the final stage - the construction of vertical structures of the parking lot.
    Work on the installation of the power plate continues.

    Third turn
    In houses №7 and №8, work on the construction of a pit and experimental pile bushes has been completed.
    Testing of piles is completed, we can pass to the following works.
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