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    Friends, meet our January video report!

    In it we have collected all the news from the construction site:
    - The second stage goes to the final line
    - The third stage shows an incredible pace
    - and work has already begun on the 4th and 5th stages of construction.
    Details - in our video. Enjoy!


    Details about the status of construction works:
    First turn
    Houses 1, 2 and 3 were put into operation.

    Another rug
    House № 4.
    The interior work is in full swing - and 80% of the work on ventilation and installation of elevators is ready.
    Installation of fire alarms and interior finishing works is underway - they are at the stage of 30% readiness.
    Work on the facade, roof, screed and plastering was completed earlier. So the 4th house is on the final line!

    House №5
    The builders have completed the work on the walls and are completing the installation of partitions.
    60% of the work on the installation of elevators is ready.
    But 70% of the windows have already been installed.

    House №6
    Our builders are actively working on the facade and installation of utilities: ventilation, sewerage.
    Internal plastering works and pouring of floor screed are being carried out at an active pace.
    And at 70% readiness - installation of elevators.

    Also in the 2nd turn works on arrangement of external engineering networks are begun.

    Third turn
    House №7.
    Monolithic works are carried out at the level of the 3rd floor.

    House №8
    In January, the builders did their best - 10 floors of the monolith are ready.

    In the sections located near the 2nd stage of construction, monolithic works have been completed.
    In sections 5,6, which are near the 3rd turn, the installation of grilles continues.

    Fourth and fifth turn
    Pile testing has been completed in building №9, and installation of piles in house №10 will begin soon. Pits are ready in the 11th and 12th houses.
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