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  • Dynamics of construction in May 2021

    Hello friends!

    We are pleased to present our May video report from the construction site https://svitlopark.ua/about/construction/.

    Get comfortable, because you will find:
    A walk through the green park-yard of the first stage of construction
    Incredible pace of construction of the 2nd stage
    And interesting news from the 3rd stage of construction


    The first stage of construction
    The first stage has been put into operation, the keys are currently being issued to our investors.

    The second stage of construction
    House №4
    In May, our builders began work on the insulation of the facade.
    And almost completed the installation of windows.
    Sewerage works are 100% ready.
    At the final stage - the installation of partitions. The works are being carried out at the level of the 19th floor.
    In the process - the installation of water supply, where the readiness is 70%.

    House №5
    The house is growing very fast!
    The construction of the 23rd floor monolith is currently being completed
    100% readiness of works on the device of a waterproofing.
    Work on the walls and partitions is carried out at the level of the 5th floor.

    House №6
    Builders are finishing work on the walls - 19 floors have already been built.
    Partition work is underway - readiness is currently at the level of the 13th floor.

    The builders have completed the ramp for section №1.
    At the final stage - the construction of vertical structures of the parking lot and the power plate.
    Work on the installation of the floor slab continues.

    Regarding the third stage of construction, we have good news - sales of apartments in houses 7 and 8 have already started. So hurry to contact the sales department to choose the best plans!
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