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  • Dynamics of construction in September 2021м

    Friends, meet our bright autumn video report!
    This time we have prepared some very interesting news for you.
    And, traditionally, we will tell about the status of construction works.
    So make your favorite drink and enjoy watching!



    The houses are put into operation.
    Super news - we are renovating the facades of houses. Even those that have already been built and put into operation!
    We care about our investors and try to provide maximum comfort and maximum aesthetic pleasure from living in the brightest LCD.
    Facade works are very active and in the near future we will be able to demonstrate renovated first-class buildings.


    House №4
    Readiness of works on arrangement of a facade - 90%.
    Regarding internal works:
    Internal plastering works and screed installation at the level of the 20th floor continue.
    At the final stage - works on the arrangement of communications: heating, plumbing, ventilation, sewerage and electricity.
    At the stage of 50% readiness - the installation of the roof.

    House №5
    Builders are actively installing walls and partitions at the level of the 19th floor (+4 floors per month).

    House №6
    The house has completed the installation of partitions.
    Facade works are at the stage of 50% readiness.
    Work is underway to install a ventilation and plumbing system.

    90% of the work on the erection of vertical structures of the parking lot and the installation of the power plate, as well as the floor slab has been completed.


    House №7
    Work on the installation of a reinforced concrete frame continues.
    100% ready grille.

    House №8
    There is also an active arrangement of the frame - ready-made grille, basement and frame 1-2 floors.

    We announce the start of construction work in the 4th turn!
    The pit of the house №9 is already completely ready and the pit of the 10th house is 50% ready.
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