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    First turn House №1 At the final stage - 95% readiness - the following works: Installation of lightning protection Installation of sewerage Installation of fire alarm and smoke removal Installation of elevators Adjustment works In October, 100% of the work on: Panel mounting Installation of protections Decoration of the design lobby on the 1st floor Finishing the stairwell №2 Soil backfill to the design mark All other work was completed 100% earlier. House №2 During October, the work was carried out at a rapid pace, the builders worked tirelessly. Now the house is almost ready. Completed - namely by 90-95% readiness to work with: Installation of elevators (5 pcs.) Installation of fire safety and smoke removal system Decoration of the design lobby on the 1st floor Finishing work in the basement Finishing works in common areas on the floors The following works were completed 100% by our tireless builders in October: Filling the soil to the design mark The device of the pump Installation of an individual heating point Arrangement of translucent structures of the 1st floor Arrangement of the hinged ventilated facade of the 1st commercial floor All other works are completed 100%. In particular, the apartment has communications - water supply, heating, electricity, radiators and meters, flooded cement-sand screed. Plastering works have been completed and all facade works have been completed. House №3. The house is already in the final stages of construction. Completed - readiness 90-95% - the following works: Filling of soil to a design mark Installation of elevators Installation of fire alarm and smoke removal system Finishing of common areas on 2-26 floors Adjustment works In October, 100%, the following works were completed: Staircase decoration №1 and №2 Decoration of the design lobby on the 1st floor Installation of a panel board Installation of protections All other work has also been completed. Another rug Construction is underway at an incredibly fast pace. House №4 Monolithic works are completed! At 75% readiness - work on the roof. The walls of 2-13 floors are 70% ready. House № 5 100% completed work with: Arrangement of the basement Arrangement of a monolithic framework of 1-2 floors House №6: 100% ready - monolithic basement frame and 1-14 floors (+3 floors per month) But 50% of the work on the walls of the 2nd-6th floors has been completed. House №7 At the stage of 100% readiness for the installation of the pit. Parking 100% ready - parking pit and piles (840 pcs.) 20% - grille installation. And for 10% readiness - installation of vertical structures.
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