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  • Incredible design lobbies in SVITLO PARK

    The days of the same inconspicuous entrances are over, and we are happy to present you our designer halls in the houses of the first turn.
    Previously, exclusive design lobbies were the privilege of elite residential complexes. It's time to change stereotypes. Therefore, we have created designer halls not worse than the level of business class. They will become the center of life for the inhabitants of each house. After all, all communications are connected here and the paths of neighbors intersect - a kind of small universe.

    The lobbies reflect the concept of the residential complex, correspond to the style and rhythm of life of SVITLO-neighbors:

    1. Entrance groups of increased comfort:
    • panoramic glazing to see everything that happens on the street;
    • two-way entrance without stairs and ramps, which is especially important for mothers with prams, toddlers, the elderly, anyone who carries a lot of things or parked on the street.

    2. Clear and well-thought-out functional zoning of the space includes a spacious hall, a lounge area with upholstered furniture, a presentable reception, a special room where you can leave a stroller or bicycle.

    3. Bright, cheerful, full of natural energy colors lift the mood, stimulate imagination and creativity, inspire and charge for the whole day.

    4. Warm materials (wood, textiles), plants, natural textures and ergonomic upholstered furniture provide comfort, creating a homely neighborly atmosphere on the way to your apartment.

    5. Modern style and unique design make the interior personalized and unique.
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